Wodenswolf Norse Arts and Design





...to the internet presence of the multi-talented forest dwelling artist Freki Wodenswolf Jungnickel.

Working with a lot of different natural materials and a unique sense for the artistic style of ancient northern Europe, he has built up a worldwide reputation as a Master of Viking Knotwork in combination with traditional handcraft like leather-tooling, horn-carving, bone-carving and knife-making.

Furthermore he is one of the first adresses when it comes to Norse or Celtic style designs for Tattoos, Bandlogos and so on.

WWW.BRUNNSBERGA.COM will serve as a kind of nodal point where all the threads of Wodenswolf's agitation and promotion on the world wide web come together. Here you will find links to all related sites as social networks, shops and portfolios.

Enjoy your visit!



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